Our award winning chile is produced on a high desert plateau at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains, where the days ares warm and the nights are cool. These conditions are ideally suited for producing outstanding chile flavor.

Our 125 years of farming experience has taught us how to care for our soil using organic products, and how to protect our crops by keeping nature ecologically balanced.

Our unique climate and innovative growing methods allow us to produce healthy flavorful food products while reducing our ecological footprint.


We ensure exceptional raw material by supervising the entire growing process. We partner with our intentional farmers to develop innovative technology thereby allowing them to produce exceptional crops. We believe that good food comes from good people, so we surround ourselves with the very best. 


Our proprietary production processes heighten the natural flavors of our one of a kind, easy to use products. 


Our innovative ingredients give our customers the freedom to create unique food products that they are passionate about.